I can see a light.

I have walked through some of the darkest years of my life alone, so I thought.

I have experienced broken-ness and I have been so overwhelmed at times, afraid to move, because if I dare, everything might collapse around me. I have been afraid to think the next thought, because I might not be able to hold it together.

I have thought more times than I want to admit, that I just can’t make it through another day.

And yet, somehow I hold it all together. I am strong, I am a child of God, and I have a purpose.

It’s easy to recognize when God has moved when it’s amazing and good but I don’t think it’s as easy to recognize that even in the bad God moves. Perhaps, that’s because we get so wrapped up in what’s not right that we forget what is right.

I can not imagine facing any day without my faith because sometimes that is literally all I have to hang on to.

No matter the circumstances, God has always sent help my way.
It may have been an encouraging word from a nurse, something I read, or simply sending someone my way to bring a word of grace.

He has always provided what I needed when I needed it.

I have had to learn to look for God, even in the smallest of things. He is always doing something.

God never leaves us even when the burden is way to heavy. Trust in this that he is with you, just as he has been with me.

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