Day 4..How does Autoimmune affect our family.

My husband hangs in there. Working two jobs and helping me to do day to day things. We have two kids and even that is a challenge for me at times, he has to pick up a lot of the slack. My health has declined over the last four years and yet he is still here. Out of anybody my illness affects him the most. This is what he had to say.

Before Tabitha was diagnosed with LUPUS, we both worked and were able to provide our kids with most of their needs on a daily basis. Then on that day in April of 2014 when we went to the ER and received the diagnosis that she had a DVT on her right thigh, things started to get turned end over end. Within a few days we were told that she had antiphospholipid syndrome and LUPUS. It seemed that every time we went to a doctor we were told that she had another problem. She lost her job and we were starting to wonder what we would do. I got a second job and we were blessed with me having two employers who are flexible enough that I can be at her doctor’s appointments to support her and help her.

It has been a major adjustment for all of us in the last four years. I spend a lot of my time at work worrying about her and trying to coordinate all of her appointments with my work calendar and trying to keep enough leave time to make sure I can get her to them. I try to do everything I can to help her get through each day. I help in setting up her meds for her and making sure she gets them every day.

I try to put her needs before mine because she needs help with a lot of day to day activities. I believe we will find something one day that will improve her quality of life to a level that she will not be in so much pain and able to function better, but until then I will continue to do what I can to help her. She deserves that from me and I want to give it to her.

In case you missed it…

Living with many Autoimmune Diseases is difficult enough. I have to keep on living a life, being a mother and a wife. I have to deal with my pain and I have to keep a handle on my emotions.

Over the next few days I will share some of my closest family and friends writings on how my illness affects them. I asked each of them to write how my illness affects them. The first one will be from my Father, the second one will be from my 14 year old daughter and I will continue for a few days with a few more people. 

The reason I am doing this is because I want to bring awareness that our families and friends are deeply affected.

When we are physically  hurting, they are emotionally hurting for us. Sometimes it’s hard to express that you love someone when it hurts so bad.


Previous post includes a letter from my Dad, my daughter, and my best friend.

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