New Year’s Resolution Ideas Suitable for the Chronically Ill 

I really appreciate this post very much. Great ideas for the New Year.

Life with an illness

Having a chronic illness not only abuses your body, but really slows you down in all aspects. You are constantly hurting and dragging your feet to get things done in your life. The world runs on goals. Whether your goal is to accomplish a marathon, or for some people their goal is to just get out of bed and go to work. Goals are a great way to push yourself and reach a high expectation. It is common to set goals for yourself when starting the New Year to push for a better you. Here is a list of ideas for New Year’s resolutions suitable for the chronically ill.

  • Eating a healthier diet and adding more nutrients – food is medicine.
  • Find ways you can help give back to others. (Charities, soup kitchen, $ donations, etc..)
  • Enjoying the little things in life more, after a chronic illness you know the…

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