“You don’t look sick”

I love reading lifewithanillness blog. Please be sure to go over and check her blog out.

Life with an illness

An invisible illness is not only difficult to deal with physically but it’s also mentally. An invisible illness is defined as not immediately visible. When you’re hurting and miserable the last thing you want to hear is “well, at least you look great, you don’t look sick”. Here is everything you need to know as a caregiver or a love one around someone with an invisible illness.

  • Just because you’re hurting doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous.

When someone says “you don’t look sick, you look great so you have tobefeeling well.“Seems a little harsh, right? Most, if not all of us with an invisible illness have heard that. It’s hard to hear that from loved ones, let alone doctors. Yes we are hurting and sometimes you can see it just by looking at us, but sometimes we dress nice and put on makeup to hide…

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