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September 3, 2017

What is an Evagelical Christian?

by Author:Tabitha Hill

Talk is cheap!
There are two kinds of Christians; Christians that just simply talk about loving Jesus, and people that love and live their life for Jesus. I have been both at one time or another in my life time. About eight years ago, I was a bench warmer in my church. I went to church every Sunday and my family and I filled the pew. I clocked in and I clocked out. I didn’t bother to read the scripture during the week, I simply relied on the pastor’s message. Sunday was the only day that I gave to God and it ended right there. Unfortunately, that also showed in my life.

Evangelical Christians are people that love and live their life for Jesus. They spend time getting to know who God is by reading the word throughout the week. They are ready for when the opportunity opens up to share what Jesus has done for them. They live their life by example.

Unfortunately, we have way too many Christians that just talk about loving Jesus and not enough Christians that are actively pursuing Jesus and are looking for opportunities to share what God has done and what He can do.

As for me I choose to live my life for God and show that I love him by grabbing every opportunity to share what God has done for me. If God can see me through the life that I have had, I am more than happy to share with someone else.

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