Luck is the religion of the lazy.

  • Luck is the religion of the lazy.
    When the world seems as though it would spin out of control, where can I
    find peace? When I was growing up, impoverished and abused, I thought
    the life I was living was normal. It wasn’t until much later in life that what
    I endured as a child was far from the normal life a child should bear. Now
    that I am older and I have suffered from the abuse of a disease called lupus,
    I look for moments of peace and contentment. Those moments, I once
    thought, was lucky moments but I have grown to realize luck really had nothing
    to do with those peaceful moments. Luck is the religion of the lazy. Sitting
    and waiting for luck is like wishing I might win the lottery without ever
    buying a ticket. Looking back, I see the moments where I found
    peace in my life were actually blessings, moments in time when I felt safe
    and secure. I didn’t recognize those moments as a child, but looking back
    now I see those moments were given to me by grace.
    This week, my primary doctor, who has been a God send, told me he was
    moving away to another city. I was devastated, he had been the only
    doctor who would truly listen to my complaints about the dreaded effects
    of Lupus has had on my body. He not only listened, he felt empathy and
    compassion for me in my suffering. He has truly been a blessing to me and
    my husband. It wasn’t by luck that I met him, it was a blessing, a
    caring person that God had provided that would listen, understand and go
    into action. He had to separate me from a few really bad doctors that were
    not helping me at all and quite frankly some were doing more harm than
    good. God sent me someone that played a vital role in my walk with this
    I had a choice this week; I could have had a melt down and started
    worrying about what I would do now since the one doctor that I trusted
    was leaving, but instead, I have had peace that God was going to do something new in my life and I am going to let Him have His way. It’s much easier to trust God for His blessings than wait for luck to appear magically.
    Now I face a new doctor in the next coming weeks, and I have no idea if he is going to be as helpful or if he be just another doctor that does not take my illness seriously. I will not trust luck, I will trust God that He is starting yet another chapter in my life. He has always moved in my life, many times that I did not recognize as a child and a young adult, but now I watch for those moments, believing God has my best interest at heart. I have learned to look beyond the raging storms of my life and see the hand of God calming the wind, the waves and vanquishing the impending doom. I trust God for His blessings, luck has nothing to do with.

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