I was thinking…

Today I was thinking about the relationship between autoimmune illnesses, chronic pain and bad childhoods.
I grew up in an abusive home. I spent five years in a foster home that was not a good home. I may not have suffered sexual abuse there but it was definitely physically and mentally abusive. After five years, my siblings and I went back to our birth mother only to endure hunger, homelessness, abandonment and for my closest sister and I to be sexually abused.
What I have been wondering is how many people have a chronic illness and have had a bad childhood, abuse, abandonment, feelings of worthlessness, facing unknown days? Even now, I fight off those same feelings that I had as a child. To make matters worse, now I also face debilitating pain and chronic illness that bring up some of the same feelings.
I have to wonder how many others besides me have had a rough start in life only to find themselves with a rough adult life of chronic illness? I would like for others to weigh in and give their opinions and experiences about having a bad childhood and now chronic illnesses. Are they related somehow? Please tell me your stories.
I will be sharing my personal testimony in the coming weeks but I would like to know who else can relate.

1 thought on “I was thinking…

  1. Oh my gosh I am so so sorry you even know what it feels like to be hungry and homeless, and abused. No child deserves that life or those experienes.
    You have brought up the same question that I am currently trying to find an answer to. I have chronic pain, many diseases, muscle, bone, etc. I am seeing a therapist now that is doing somatic therapy. So I am feeling where the abuse impacted my body. I am trying to heal those memories to see how much of my illness, or IS any part of my illness being made worse by PTSD or by flashbacks or just memories of , like you, being hungry, being abused, enduring what we should not have. So maybe this muscle disease was genetic and inevitable but would I have less pain if I did not suffer abuse throughout my life and traumas? I am wondering the same thing.


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