God hasn’t failed me!

I have been diagnosed with Lupus and so many other autoimmune diseases that are rare and hard to make sense of and it seems as if it’s one thing after another. Even though I have gone through a lot of trials in my life and now this disease I know God has never failed me!! He has always showed up in the most profound ways in my life. God has always given me, what I consider miracles and he has never ever left me even in the darkest of days! Just today, I was at the doctor’s office for a simple refill on my medicine for prednisone. I have something called neurocardiogenic syncopede, and my heart was fluttering a lot. I thought I was just having an off day, no big deal. My regular doctor wasn’t in today, but the doctor I did see, asked how I felt,and I told him I was ok but my heart was fluttering some. He decided to do an EKG and the results was that my heart was out of rhythm. He said to me, “I think this was a divine intervention by God,” whoever hears that from their doctor? The doctor sent me to my primary doctor and a plan was made with what to do about my heart rhythm.
Here is my take on the day; I don’t know why I am facing these horrific health problems, but I do know God has always made a way for me even if I didn’t see it in the moment. I trust God. No matter the trials I have in this life, God hasn’t failed me! Satan may be out to destroy my life, that is his job and as long as I am child of God he will continue to try to destroy everything I do. My God is bigger than anything Satan can throw at me.

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