Notoriously Forgetful

In a normal day, my family can tell you that I am notorious for forgetting where I left my keys last. It’s almost a daily event. I tell myself to put them on the hook by the front door but it never fails. I run inside and put them down somewhere other than the right place. Being a mother of two, a fourteen-year old girl and a ten-year-old boy, also adds to the confusion. I hurry them along and it never fails, I have them out of the door, the dogs have settled in and accepted they are being left at home and I can’t find my keys.

I realize that many people have this problem as we age and as life just moves so fast. It would be easy to take that on as my excuse but I realize that the forgetfulness is a real problem.

As my Lupus progresses it doesn’t get any easier. For two weeks in a row I have forgotten early day for my son at school. The school calls and thankfully they are quite understanding but it is really embarrassing and hard to explain to my son why Mommy forgot to get him on time. This isn’t the first time that I have forgotten the day of the week.

I am having increasing trouble remembering simple things but I try not to be obvious about it to others because I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. So, I laugh it off but inside I am screaming at myself and feeling so stupid.

I must remember that this is not me, this is my disease and it’s not my fault. I can overcome this by writing out notes the night before and setting alarms to remind myself. I wonder though how many others are having the same problems with their memory and what are some of things that you guys do to overcome?

1 thought on “Notoriously Forgetful

  1. I just talked to my psychologist about this since she knows about all of my diseases and abnormal labs and just my every day stress and anxiety. She said…if she is late for an apt she will inevitably lose her keys because an average well person , when frustrated or anxious, will be forgetful. She said that the important thing is to NOT get more anxiety over the memory loss. I have been experiencing this a lot and very concerned about it. She said the more i get anxiety over forgetting the worse it will be. SOOO I have a big calendar and I have sticky notes everywhere and i check them off when I do them. She said reminders everywhere that you have to pass for things like picking up kids, paying bills, taking meds.
    I don’t know if this is helpful or not but I just experience it a lot lately. We don’t know if it is the high iron, high copper, low phosphorus or if it is the PTSD or if is my muscle disease or my bone disease or meds. But it is frustrating because i like to know the cause of something so i know what I can do to fix it or help it not get worse. Her only suggestions were reminders. Not on the phone bc you have to remember to look at the phone but visual on the wall. Sorry. I know it is so frustrating


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