Keep your eyes on Jesus.

If there is one thing that I have learned from my life is that sometimes we are brought to our weakest point so that we can gain total dependency on God.

I have had many weak moments and I have lost so much in my lifetime. I have had many disappointments and many unknowns but God has always seen me through if only if I allowed him to.

The most frequently repeated phrase in the Bible is “Do not be afraid!” God is not speaking to our emotions, and since you can’t command emotions, he is speaking to our will.

When Peter asked to get out of the boat, Jesus granted his request and said come to me, but the interesting thing is Jesus didn’t stop the waves or the storm. The further away Peter got from the boat, which was his security, Peter started to fear and he began to sink. Peter cried out, Lord save me!!  And then Jesus saved him and rebuked him. How little faith of you? Fear is a strong emotion, I have lived in fear for most my life.  Did Peter really trust Jesus? Sure, he did, after all he got out of the boat but the fear of the storm paralyzed him.

We must make a conscious decision to not allow fear to paralyze us. Peter sank because he stopped walking towards Jesus. Faith is not knowing that God can but it is knowing that he will. Faith requires us to keep walking even when we are faced with fear, even if it’s the unknown.

I find that sometimes fear of the unknown gets the best of us at times. We walk in this life and everything is going great until one day something happens that we are unfamiliar with and we panic. It’s then that we have a choice, are we going to keep our eyes on Jesus and trust that no matter the road that Jesus leads he us that he is in control or will we take our eyes off Jesus and let fear take over.

I trust God with my life. And sometimes it is hard to keep focused on him when things feel like they are beyond my control but I know that God is my sufficiency, and when I am at my weakest, he is made strong. I know that God loves me so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that I can live forever with him.

No matter what you may be facing today, I encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus


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