Satan is always trying to push back and make me fall, the closer I get to God, the harder he pushes.  God never said it was going to be a cake walk but as long as I fix my eyes on Jesus he is always right there. Trusting the unknown is hard to do, I do know that, but when it looks impossible to get through another day, don’t look back, don’t look around the corner to find out where this leads to, trust that there is a plan and purpose just for you. Trust that even when it’s looking like there is no hope, God is going to step in and save the day. He is the hero, he is the Master, the creator of everything, and God is in control.  God has never left me, he has never forsaken me, and even though I have my trials and challenges, he has always found a way for me. Even now when things look scary, and it looks impossible, God is still my only hope and my salvation. I am putting all my eggs in one basket today and that’s in Jesus to catch me if I fall.

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