Give it to God.

Most days I find myself in a lot of pain, from Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Raynauds syndrome and so on, yesterday was not an exception. Sometimes it is hard to always stay positive in the middle of your own pain and know that, “this too shall pass.” Whoever made that saying up anyway?!!  It certainly didn’t apply to me in the midst of my stomach and chest pain! It occurred to me that everything does pass, some things just come along for a little ride with you and those things kind of jump in your baggage that you carry around and it weighs you down. The last flight that I had I was thankful that all I had to do was check in my luggage at the desk, and let the strong workers do the heavy lifting. I think sometimes I forget that when I am carrying my illnesses or worries around that I can check my bag in at anytime. That there is a strong Savior wanting to take the load off if I just check my bag in. Suddenly the walk becomes lighter and so much more enjoyable.  Years ago, someone told me to close my eyes and imagine that I am standing in front of Jesus, that I have a box that I can put my burdens and worries in. Now the trick is, once I put them in the box and shut it, I have to slide it to the feet of Jesus. There are no take backs, there is no key to open the box to take it back out. I remember thinking ok, so the problem is still there. He was giving me a lesson for all things in life that would apply even now. He was telling me to let it go. Give it God. I am guilty of forgetting that in my journey at times I have that tool, but that advice was good and I still remember that lesson. It didn’t apply to being sick then, it was a lesson for life.  Times gets tough, today I feel good, tomorrow I may not, but what I am going to do is keeping walking back to the feet of Jesus, take my box, put my troubles in my box and slide it on over to him. It may be everyday, or every hour, but I don’t want to carry the heavy baggage around if I have another option.


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