A journey with Autoimmune Disease.

Ok so I have fallen five days behind on my own thankfulness challenge. This is my attempt to catch up.

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Last weekend Florida was faced with the biggest storm we could imagine. It was bigger than the entire state, and

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Rise! What if God wants to use you and what you are going through to reach someone else? What if

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Even if we don’t see it right away, there is always hope. Imagine all of the people in the world,

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Live life, don’t exsist.

Life is meant to be lived, with purpose. We all have a purpose in this life, a specific purpose to fulfill and it is so important to find that purpose. If you have no purpose, what’s the point anyway?

Notoriously Forgetful

In a normal day, my family can tell you that I am notorious for forgetting where I left my keys last. It’s almost a daily event.

Dare to be different.

When the world expects you to be afraid when trials come, God shows a new way. Dare to be different.

Finding peace.

 I remember shortly after finding out that I had Lupus the initial shock and fear. It’s funny how one day you

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